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What you need to know about IT recruitment in APAC during COVID19.

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

AOS Recruitment is one of Asia Pacific’s (APAC) fastest-growing premium IT Recruitment firms. Specialising in the niche market of IT companies and recruiting first-class candidates for the global technology sector. AOS Recruitment is renowned for their ability to recruit top-tier candidates for expanding IT companies across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Greater China, South Korea and Japan.

Don’t let the COVID19 pandemic deter you from taking advantage of the wave of expansion that will, without a doubt sweep the technology sector for years to come as businesses continue to reopen. AOS Recruitment is staying ahead of the game, taking the bold step and recruiting for companies invested in business growth.

What does APAC Stand for?

In short, APAC stands for Asia-Pacific, abbreviated as A-sia PAC-ific. There are chances you may have heard about APAC, the Asia Pacific region if your IT company is or has considered global expansion. The Term APAC primarily refers to most of Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, East Asia, and Oceania, and APAC became popular during the 1980s when discussing politics, finance and commerce.

As it stands in 2020, the Top 10 APAC countries, by population are:

1. China

2. India

3. Indonesia

4. Pakistan

5. Bangladesh

6. Russia

7. Japan

8. Philippines

9. Vietnam

10. Thailand

Closely followed by Myanmar, South Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, North Korea and Australia.

What is an IT Recruiter in APAC?

AOS Recruitment specialises in hiring talented individuals to fill positions within the Information Technology (IT) sector in a variety of industries across the greater APAC region.

As a premium APAC recruiter, AOS Recruitment has the ability to fill both permanent, temporary and project-based jobs. AOS Recruitment will seek job candidates who have a specific set of skills the employer wants, for example; programming skills or technical expertise. They then match the candidates

The duties of an IT Recruiter in APAC.

AOS Recruitment attracts premium applicants both passively and actively. In either case, once an individual expresses interest with the position to be filled they then enter the application process. AOS Recruitment will screen the potential candidate for the client’s position requirement and qualifications, whilst also considering the fit of the talent with the company’s culture.

Once the candidate passes the initial stages of the application process and assessment AOS Recruitment will arrange an interview between both the candidate and the key staff within the client company.

If the decision is made to offer the candidate the position, AOS Recruitment will then explain the compensation package the client is offering and assist the talent in navigating and any negotiation over salary and other benefits.

AOS Recruitment pride themselves when it comes to liaising with both the talent and client company every step of the way throughout the entire recruitment process.

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