• Abbey Baldacchino

What to do when asked, "Why should we hire you?"

As a job interview comes to a close, we know candidates everywhere are bracing themselves to be asked why they deserve this role. More often than not, their answer is wrong - too shy or too confident.

Here's the hard truth...

If you've answered "I don't know", "I'm sure you have many other great candidates", and fail to give them a strong reason that you're the ultimate hire you've come across as too shy or insecure - not qualities they're looking for in a candidate. However, if you've made it clear you think you're the ultimate candidate, over-promised and listed your every skill, you've come across as self-obsessed - also not a hireable quality.

You need to hit the middle ground, showing equal parts confidence and humbleness. Try phrases like:

"I'm sure you have lots of great candidates for the role"

"I know the job market is extremely competitive right now"

and then list your skills and expertise that match with their job description. Showing your strengths lie exactly where they need it. Then we suggest finishing off with one of these...

"Because of this, I know I have the qualities to not just fulfil your expectations, but exceed them"

"As a result, I know I will be able to flourish in this position"

"and so I know, I have what it takes to become a valuable member of this team"

Make sure it's clear you're sure of yourself and confident in your ability to genuinely succeed in this position, without being over the top and dismissing the abilities of other candidates. You've got this.

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