• Abbey Baldacchino

What to do when a company makes a low offer?

It seems to be happening more and more, companies first offering you a low salary to test the waters of negotiation or fit their budget. With the increasing desire to grow businesses with great talent, while operating on low budgets for maximum profit it's not a surprise that it's so common.

To avoid this situation altogether, we suggest a conversation surrounding salaries early in the interview process. However, if you don't get the chance or you're currently past that phase, here's what we suggest you do when you're given an offer too low to accept.

Give your contact a call rather than contacting them through email, this makes the process more personal and allows the increased connection. During this, thank them for the offer, show appreciation that they've chosen you for the role but let them know you can't accept an offer in this range. tell them they deserve a candidate within their budget, but you, unfortunately, can't be the one. However, it's important not to close any doors or take yourself completely out of the running!

Make it clear that if they change their mind or are able to shift their budget to match your expectation range (let them know what your range is from minimum to optimal), that you're happy to have a chat. Then simply sign off your call by telling them that if it doesn't work out on their end, you hope they find the right candidate because you think they have a great business.

Through this, you're showing your value, worth and integrity. You're making it clear what you know your experience and expertise is worth to the business while remaining professional and understanding. This will only make you stand out more as a candidate, and if they have the means, motivate them further to increase their offer. If after that, they realise they can accommodate your desired salary range, they'll likely come back with a better offer.

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