• Abbey Baldacchino

What to do if you've received an offer from a new employer and your current employer counters it...

Have you ever experienced that awkward moment when while you're resigning your employer offers you more money in hopes you'll stay? Me too and it's a tough spot to be in. Our Founder Adam says "Don't take it" and here's why...

Yes, their offer is a plea to keep you in the business and it does show they value you as an employee. If your value or affirmation of such was an issue within the workplace previously, this could be a huge motivation and sign to stay. However, you have to remember you're leaving for a reason and 9 times out of 10 this isn't money. There was something about the workplace that meant you wanted to move on, so hold onto that because after the dust has settled and you've become used to your new pay packet, those problems will still be there.

In addition, while resigning you've likely told your employer you've been offered another role, which means you've just told them that while you've been working for them you've also been interviewing for other positions. This could have involved taking long lunches to meet your new employer, taking interview calls during work hours and responding to new opportunities at your old work desk. They might have thought you were happy in this role and an enthusiastic member of the team, and so they may feel surprised or hurt. Nevertheless, they now know you're not committed to the company, so next time when they're re-assessing their time they'll remember that.

Stick with your original decision, you made it for a reason so have faith in that! The excitement of extra money or an affirmation your value won't last long, and you'll be ready to leave again in no time.

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