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What to do if you receive an offer but you're still interviewing with a preferred company?

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

While sifting through job openings, there's always one or two that make you more excited than the others, but of course it's important to apply to a wide range to maximise your chances of landing a role. But what do you do when you're stuck between a rock and a hard place? More specifically, what should you do if you receive an offer from a company while still in interview rounds for a workplace that makes you way more excited. We have the answer...

Consider the company that's offering you this role. You're their first choice, and they want to be theirs too. By prolonging the process, they'll figure out pretty quickly that you're either waiting for another company or aren't keen on their offer. Thank them for the offer, and ask for a few days to decide. In the meantime go back to your preferred company and be transparent, tell them you've just received another offer but they're you're preferred employer. If they have the ability to and are excited about you as a candidate they'll likely give you an indicator of your progress and put in the effort to speed the process up. From this, you can judge what's going on with your preferred company and potentially how likely you are to get the role.

If the preferred company is taking too long, we suggest taking the first offer, if you're content with it of course. Although it's an uncomfortable situation, if you get an offer from your preferred employer, you can resign from the position you took. Of course, this means things may get a little messy, but resigning before you start the role or in the early days should impact the business too much and it's important to put yourself first. You're the one who has to wake up every day and head to this workplace, make sure it's the one you're excited about.

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