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What to do if you're experiencing interview anxiety...

Anxiety, we all experience it from time to time and for some of us, during a job interview is when it strikes. We get it. High stakes, imposter syndrome, concerns of a misstep can all contribute to intense interview nerves. Our Founder Adam has 3 steps he thinks can largely help reduce your interview anxieties and set you up for success.!

3 Steps for Tackling it Head On

  1. Breathe. We know it sounds cliche but just pause for a moment and remember why you have this interview. The company chose you, they see value in your resume and think you could be a good fit. They decided to organise this, you already have your foot in the door.

  2. Research. During the night before, learn as much about the company as possible. Don't lose sleep over it, but dedicated a generous amount of time to deep diving on their past, current and future operations as well as their structure, team members and mission. This way, you'll likely be able to answer more questions and actively participate in the interview from a place of knowledge.

  3. Knowledge. Ask your recruiter or HR department as many questions as possible about the interview process. Learn the stages, who you'll talk to at each one, where they'll be held and what you can expect. The more you know, the more you'll understand what's coming and you'll likely be much more comfortable.

We know interviews aren't easy and nerves surrounding them are definitely warranted, but help yourself out by taking these steps to feel a little calmer going into the process. We know you'll do great.

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