• Abbey Baldacchino

What to do if you're actively applying for roles...

After the unprecedented (work of the decade) happenings of 2020, so many were forced to leave their jobs for personal reasons, company reasons and everything in between. Now trying to get back into the ever-competitive job market is definitely a struggle. You're battling against a lot of talent who are just as eager as you. Our advice: don't get discouraged, we have some advice instead.

Recruiters and HR personnel are seeing an extreme amount of applications leaving them only a few moments to judge your resume before making a decision on advancing you. If your resume's key words don't align with the position you're not making the short list. We know that applying for tens of jobs a week and accepting rejection after rejection can really impact your confidence, leaving you to consider what is wrong with your application and your experience. The truth is NOTHING, nothing is wrong you're just not applying to the right roles.

Instead of bulk applying to anything you like the look of, consider the roles your applying for, and don't throw your hat in the ring for any opportunity you don't meet 70% of the requirements for. Taking some extra time to look over job requirements and descriptions, while thinking "do I tick these boxes" gives you a much larger chance of applying for a position that's right for you. Rather than sending off your resume to tens of companies a week, dialling it down to a thought-out few will increase your chances of landing a job you're right for.

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