• Abbey Baldacchino

Should you hire attitude, rather than skill?

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Recently, within recruitment the mantra "hire attitude train skill" has been circling, but what does it really mean?

What does it mean?

Hiring attitude over skills refers to the practice of hiring based on candidate vibe, work ethic and personality rather than their qualifications. The principle is you can train skill through offering education, training schemes and mentorship programs; however, attitude is thought to be non-changing with the ultimate employee characteristics coming out after a few months or years of work.


Hiring based on attitude, allows you to employ determined and driven employees that in order to add the following value to your workplace:

- Establishes a great corporate culture with lively employees who are enthusiastic about work

- Likely to result in a workplace of maximum productivity, with a team of driven employees

- Candidates with the right attitude will be willing to learn new skills, quickly closing the gap in their qualifications

- Lower staff turnover, with enthusiastic and passionate employees adapting to business growth and maintaining enthusiasm

- Increases the likelihood of being able to internally promote, with employees that are eager to learn and expand, more likely to be developing themselves in line with promotional opportunities

Our thoughts

It's vital for candidates to meet minimum qualification requirements to ensure they have the basic training, correct licenses and understanding for the role they're stepping into. However, when choosing between (1) candidates who have extra attractive qualifications with an average attitude, and (2) candidates that meet minimum qualification requirements and optimal attitudes, we see merit in choosing the latter. We believe it will lead to increased workplace satisfaction, positive corporate culture and less staff turnover thus a more beneficial outcome for all.

What are your thoughts? Let us know below.

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