• Abbey Baldacchino

Should I be Fostering a Learning Culture in the Workplace?

Absolutely. Yes. Definitely. Affirmative. Of course. Indeed. Si. Oui. How many other ways can I say it?

What is a learning culture?

First things, first... let's define it. It's quite simple, a Learning Culture refers to an environment that not only allows for development, training and learning but hugely encourages it. This involves providing ample opportunities, supporting employees in external development ventures like further education, and welcoming time away from work if it involves related learning.

How does this benefit an employer?

Educated employees that never stop learning are invaluable to your business. They have greater efficiency, are better at problem-solving, share knowledge with other colleagues and are full of new ideas allowing increased innovation. Definitely worth the investment if you ask us. Your business is nothing without its employees, why not give it the best chance to differentiate itself in the market and excel against competitors with a stellar and ever-improving team?

How can I do this?

It's quite easy! Keep your eyes open for any industry-specific opportunities including seminars, workshops, expos and share them with your employees, ensuring they know they're able to take up the opportunity on you. Introduce a program in which you financially support your employee's further learning, this could involve paying 50% of a Masters degree, or allowing them 1-2 paid days of study a week. In addition, bring in as many guest speakers, training opportunities and even mentors into the workplace as possible, bring learning to them and allow everyone to benefit. In general, just make it VERY clear you will support employees in their learning ventures in whatever you can, so you can gain big too.

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