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Recruiter Message Template

So you're looking for a new role? and maybe the job search isn't going too well? Or maybe you're looking for a special role you know won't be advertised to the public? Something Fortune 100 perhaps? You should contact a recruiter.

Why should I reach out?

As cliche as it sounds, recruiters really are here to help. Their whole business is placing worthy candidates into roles they'll love, so it's in their best interest to engage with you and see if they have the right opportunity available.

At any given time recruiters have a range of job roles they're trying to find the perfect fit for. By reaching out you're not only making their life easier by bringing a candidate to them but also putting yourself up for an exciting job role you probably wouldn't have heard about.

Will it cost me?

As a candidate, it doesn't cost to engage a recruiter. Recruiters are paid by the companies that hire you, so you'll never be charged for reaching out. The fee paid by your new employer won't impact your salary either.

Message Template

"Hi (recruiter name),

I'm (name), and I'm currently working as a (job title) based in (area).

I see you specialise in (industry) roles across (geographical area).

In my current role I focus on (a bit about your day to day projects and responsibilities).

I'm looking to make a change and would love to chat with you about it!

Is there a time you're available for a chat in the next few days?"

That's it!

Just remember to keep it short (under 150 words is best) and direct!

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