• Abbey Baldacchino

Linked In or out?

Each week I hear more bored corporates discuss how dull they're now finding Linked In. So much discourse about the constant self-congratulatory posts and achievement centred content that makes them roll their eyes. To them it's just a stream of bragging, from people who are more interested in boosting their career than genuinely fostering their connections.

It's undeniable that those posts are there, but I don't see anything wrong with them, in fact, it's my favourite part of Linked In. There is no other platform in which we can so outwardly celebrate our professional success, which deserves to be celebrated. I love the way the platform allows our connections to so shamelessly share their achievements and give us the opportunity to celebrate with them. I do however see how this could have a negative impact on users who fall into comparison traps and imposter syndrome. Constantly seeing the success of others when you're feeling vulnerable or negative about your career, can worsen your frame of mind and necessitate logging off. I do think it's the user's responsibility to identify this mindset within themselves and avoid participation, rather than the responsibility of achieved posters to hide their success.

The other thing to note about the platform is that it undeniably feels like work. Other Social Medias like Facebook and Instagram are built around leisure, taking photos of it, sharing it, and participating in it. Linked In however feeds into productivity culture, centring around career expansion, and all things work, making utilising the platform feel just like work. When it's primary purpose is all things business, its not surprising it feels like your clocked on while scrolling through. My advice, don't check Linked In out of work hours, keep work in work.

Above that and more practically, as recruiters, we see the magic in the platform. Because of Linked In we're able to provide opportunities to those who deserve them most, finding the most accomplished and appropriate candidates to fill exciting roles in incredible companies. Individuals have the ability to showcase their experience, and achievements to recruiters through their profile. To us its filled with prospects and excitement, a place for career growth and professional expansion.

It's fair to say all social media platforms have their pitfalls, Linked In is not an exception. I get not wanting to be logged into a platform filled with bragging and connection hunting that feels like just like work, but Linked In is much more than that. It's an avenue for career celebration, a place to showcase your success and celebrate that of others. It also allows new opportunities, fosters career growth and should be

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