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How to make my Linked In stand out?

So, you want your Linked In to stand out to recruiters? We can help you with that.

With 660 million users worldwide, it's more difficult than ever to make your profile stand out, but, it's definitely not impossible, with hundreds being plucked out by recruiters every day. We've got some simple steps to make your Linked In page a little bit more head-hunter friendly...

10 simple steps to make your Linked In profile stand out

  1. Your profile photo is your first impression, don't blow it! Make sure you have a professional-looking headshot image that presents you in the best light. Avoid full-body images, blurry photos and images with bad lighting.

  2. Whip your headline into shape. That section of text is set to describe you professionally in a few words, with recruiters scanning such to quickly decide if your profile is worth a look or not. Make sure your current role/industry is clearly communicated, and if your not quite in a career job use this space to communicate your aspirations "aspiring web developer", for example. Make sure you're utilising industry-specific keywords and your actual job title, to increase searchability!

  3. Set a cover image. Don't stay with that boring default visual, find an image that represents you and your career, setting that as your cover art. This adds a little more personality to your profile and shows your taking Linked In seriously.

  4. Post! So many have bare Linked In profiles, with their only activity the occasional reaction to another post. This isn't good enough! Posting to your page showcases your enthusiasm in your industry/role and allows you to show off your achievements, interests and job which may resonate with recruiters. Avoid just re-posting other's content, and make some magic of your own, it may be daunting at first but once you get into the groove of things it's easy.

  5. Create an engaging summary. Utilise that text box to provide a deeper understanding of you and your career. Convey your passions and drives, and what you love about what you do. Discuss what you'd love to do in the future and how this shapes your career. Make sure you sell yourself and integrate the skills and experience you bring to an employer.

  6. Don't brush over your experience. So many have a few jobs listen on their profile, but don't feel out any information about these experiences - these people are doing themselves a disservice. Instead, summarise each role and educational venture, and what skills you utilised, what skills you gained and what you loved about it. This allows recruiters to get a greater understanding of your past roles, and their relevance to a prospective one as well as absorbing your current attitude to work.

  7. Get endorsed! It's great to have your skills proudly displayed on your profile, but it's even greater if someone else is willing to say they're true. Reach out to your close friends or colleagues and asks them to endorse 3 skills each on your profile, and do the same in return, just so they get something out of it too. The more people the better, but also any is better than none, and will add some credibility to your profile, which recruiters love.

  8. Ask for recommendations. Getting recommendations is a little trickier than gaining an endorsement, but they also mean a little more. Again, ask someone you've worked with and offer to do the same in return or even spontaneously leave them a recommendation in hopes they'll do the same. It may take a few attempts, but having 2-3 recommendations on your profile can really make a difference.

  9. Make connections! The more the better but don't go on a connecting spree. Reach out to people you've worked with previously, in any capacity, old university friends, past colleagues, people you met at networking events and add them to your network. This showcases your ability to make meaningful career connections which is invaluable in a workplace.

  10. Stay active! Log on at least three times a week, like and comment on others content and aim to post once a week or fortnight. This shows you're engaged with the platform and your willing to show up for your career consistently.

Now go forth! Whip your Linked In Profile into shape and stay active, we're not saying the job offers will roll in but....they might.

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