• Abbey Baldacchino

How to keep extroverts happy WFH?

They're in every workplace, the enthusiastically social employees that thrive on face-to-face interaction with their team. Yes the adjustment to WFH could be a bit trickier for them, but when given a little extra support, they can thrive from their home office too.

5 Steps to Keep Extroverts Happy WFH

  1. Regular video conferences. Have the team hop on zoom a few times a week or even daily, even if these are quick meeting it provides the ability for connection, adds some socialisation and allows a little bit of face-to-face time for those who need it most. A little really can go a long way.

  2. Open up the lines of communication throughout the workday. Invest in a workplace messenger service such as Teams or Slack, and provide a channel of social communication where employees can chat about workplace-related topics that aren't necessarily about work, e.g. what to pack for an upcoming conference, their computer issues or general chit chat that's likely to happen at a regular office.

  3. Allow for adaptations to the role. Some elements of someone's job may be a little bit trickier when working from home, encourage employees to discuss this with you and allow shifts and changes to their position that make WFH a little bit easier. This could be increasing the amount they report to you or altering how they communicate.

  4. Plan lunch hour online activities or simply hang-outs. We're not saying turn this time into team-building central, rather using it to tune into a seminar together or just encouraging team members to log onto video chat and eat their lunch together-ish.

  5. Check-in with them! Set a calendar reminder once a week or fortnight and reach out. Ask how they're finding their work arrangements, if there's anything the employers can do, etc. This small gesture can feel huge for someone that needs a little more support.

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