• Abbey Baldacchino

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Job Interviews

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Job interviews, especially the first round, come with enormous pressure. It's your one moment to prove to the employer that you are THE candidate for the job. Increase your chances of making it to round two with these quick tips, ensuring you're perfectly prepared and ready to make a great impression.

  1. Being unsure of your resume facts. You need to be prepared for every question, even the super-specific ones! Make sure you know exactly what's on your resume and could explain any line in detail upon request. Not knowing this information could give the impression that you didn't pay attention when writing it, someone else did it for you, you don't care to remember professional details or its false information.

  2. Not doing company research. There's a point in almost every job interview in which the interviewer will ask "So what do you know about the company?". Do not come unprepared. Knowing a few facts about the company's operations and history will allow you to seem enthusiastic about this specific company, showing you put effort into interview preparation and genuinely want to work there. Take 10 minutes before your interview to go through their Linked In and do a quick Google search, super easy and SUPER worth it.

  3. Using your phone. In my humble opinion, your interviewer should not know you have a phone, at all. Find something else to do in the waiting area rather than scroll, and ensure your device is firmly hidden and on silent throughout the entire process. Having your phone out may make you look distracted or uninterested, especially during the interview portion.

  4. Talking too much. Yes, you are being interviewed, so you need to be a very active participant in the conversation, but don't go overboard. Rambling in answer to questions and diving too deep into personal details can be overwhelming for an interviewer. Save the conversation for when you've got the job and focus on succinctly and thoroughly answering every question that comes your way.

  5. Arriving late or too early. Good time management is a very attractive skill when it comes to employment, so make sure they don't think you're without it! Make sure you arrive 5-20 minutes early, anything less without a stellar excuse and you'll seem as though you're not eager for the position, anything more and you risk looking desperate. A fine balancing act that's important to get right.

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