• Abbey Baldacchino

3 Steps to Nail a Zoom Job Interview

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Whether it's due to lockdown restrictions or the inability to travel, job interviews are increasingly occurring online and it's definitely different. Interviewing online can feel very different from a regular sit down interview, creating more apprehension. To ensure your Zoom goes to plan, preparation is key so let's get proactive!

1. Clear a space

Find a quiet and clean area to conduct your interview. This can be in a local co-working space, your home or anything in between as long as you can get some peace and a comfortable set up. You'll need a comfortable chair and desk to ensure good posture which is visible through the screen. It's also important to have a clean background to minimise visual distractions, as well as good lighting so that the interviewer can see you.

2. Get your tech sorted

30 minutes before your interview pick a device to use, and set it up within a cool space close to charging points so your laptop won't overheat or lose battery during your meeting. If you're using earphones, a microphone or an external webcam, ensure each is connected to your device and working. This can be done through settings on the Zoom app!

3. Confidence

Going into an interview with the confidence you can land the role is vital for selling yourself to the interviewer and making a lasting impression. Do whatever you can to make this happen. This could involve wearing clothes, accessories, makeup or fragrance that makes you feel great about yourself, even if they may not notice. Alternatively, confidence could be achieved through researching the company, having important documents available and feeling prepared to answer any questions that come your way. Know what you need to do and make it happen!

Bonus Tip: If you're someone who gets flustered and forgets details under pressure, organise a series of documents out of camera view that you may be helpful. This could include a resume, references, a list of questions, or affirmation to boost your confidence.

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