AOS Recruitment is a client-first agency, placing you at the centre of our operations. We believe in finding candidates that fit your unique business needs and company values. We value efficiency and the importance of your time, which is why you won't receive a multitude of candidates that barely meet your needs, rather you’ll receive a handful of candidates with a 90% plus fit.


We offer head-hunting recruitment services within the IT industry across APAC, specialising in Sales roles. We're experts in our field, working extensively within niches of the IT industry to understand how to select the perfect candidate. We hand-pick quality talent to fit your specific roles within 5 days of briefing. Our recruiters maintain communication throughout the interview process, building long-lasting relationships with company contacts.

When you work with AOS Recruitment, you get a recruitment partner.


We've serviced a variety of IT companies both pre and post IPO across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong  Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Korea and Japan.

Our service has no bounds, with clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to Start-Ups

Our broad range of experience across the IT industry niche means you can rest be assured that we're the right recruiters for you. 

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